JoyBus Advisory

Now that Baguio is under Alert Level 1, JoyBus Advisory for travel restrictions and requirements are eased up and accommodation establishments are allowed at full capacity, to allow convenient travel for more tourists. ?

JoyBus Advisory

Below is the updated schedule of Baguio trips effective March 12:


3:00 am (Joy Bus)
5:00 am (Joy Bus)
7:00 am (Joy Bus)
9:00 am (Deluxe)
11:00 am (Deluxe)
12:00nn (Joy Bus)
1:00 pm (Deluxe)
3:00 pm (Deluxe)
5:00 pm (Deluxe)
6:30 pm (Deluxe)
7:30 pm (Deluxe)


1:00 am (Deluxe)
3:00 am (Deluxe)
6:00 am (Deluxe)
7:30 am (Joy Bus)
12:00nn (Deluxe)
1:00 pm (Deluxe)
3:00 pm (Deluxe)
5:00 pm (Deluxe)
7:00 pm (Joy Bus)
9:00 pm (Joy Bus)
11:00 pm (Joy Bus)

Baguio Trip Schedules

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